Program Analysis

Instructor: Shmuel (Mooly) Sagiv
Assistant: Noam Rinetzky
Thursday 15-18
Scriber 08


Advanced techniques for statically analyzing programs are discussed. These techniques allow one to answer computationally hard questions about programs in an efficient albeit conservative way. They are also referred to as abstract interpretation since the algorithms interpret the program on a simplified abstract domain. The techniques are useful in compilers in order to generate more efficient code and in other programming language environments such as debuggers and code quality checkers.

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Example Program Analysis Problems

Course Requirements



Note Template

Sample class notes by Ronny Morad

Course Schedule

1.      February 24 Overview  
                class notes by  Sharon Goldshlager

2.       March 3, Operational Semantics
               class notes by Alexander Binun

3.      March 10, Class notes by : Guy Gueta

4.      March  17, 24 Forward Analysis
                     Class notes by  Shahar Shimon

5.      April 14 Systematic Domain Design
           Class notes by Alon Shalita

6.      May 5, Interprocedural Analysis

7.      May, 19, 20 TVLA




Homework Assignments

  1. Assignment 1: Due April 7th
  2. Assignment 2: Due May 20th
  3. Assignment 3: Due July 20

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