Computational Game Theory (2010)


Lecturer: Yishay Mansour (


Time & Place :  Monday 9-12, Kaplun Building Room 118


This is a tentative list of the subjects (not all will be covered):

1. Introduction                  pptx

2. Quality of Equilibrium  (Price of Anarchy)

a. Job Scheduling

b. Routing           pptx

c. Price of Stability & Strong Price of Anarchy  pptx

3. Equilibrium Existence

a. Two players zero-sum

b. General Nash Equilibrium

4. Regret Minimization

a. External (including dynamics)

b. Swap (and calibration and Multi-Arm-Bandit)         

5. Mechanism Design

a. Social Choice

b. Maximizing Social Welfare (VCG)

c. Sponsored Search

d. combinatorial auctions

e. Revenue maximization





Scribe notes: Each student will write a scribe note for a lecture (template [pdf,tex] explanation on Latex [pdf,tex])

List of students and scribes


Home work 1 (handed out March 8, 2010)

Home work 2

Homework 3




Student projects


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