The Yandex Initiative in Machine Learning Inauguration Ceremony

The Yandex Initiative in Machine Learning supports machine learning research and education at Tel Aviv University, for creating the next generation of leaders in industry and academia.

The Yandex Initiative in Machine Learning Inauguration Ceremony

Can we build machines that are as intelligent as humans, and that can learn like humans do?

Machine learning is a field in computer science that asks this question, and develops the corresponding theory and algorithms towards achieving this goal.


In recent years, machine learning has been revolutionized by the use of “Artificial Neural Networks” (also known as deep learning). State of the art has been dramatically improved in applications like image recognition and speech recognition. However, we are still very far from building machines that can understand text and images like humans do, converse in natural languages, and from building robots that execute complex motor behaviour.


These are exciting times for machine learning, and it has become one of the most active and intellectually engaging fields within computer science.


Tel Aviv University is home to many world class researchers who cover all aspects of machine learning: from learning theory, to natural language processing, machine vision, data mining, robotics and deep learning.



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