Algorithms in Action
Haim Kaplan and Uri Zwick
Spring Semester 2017.

Final grade = 80% * exam grade + 20% * homework grade
Homework grade = Average of 5 homework assignments.

Solutions of Homework 1,2,3,4 (zip)

Homework on SAT from last year (pdf)
Solution of SAT homework from last year (pdf)

Exam 2016 A (pdf)  Solution (pdf)
Exam 2016 B (pdf)

Exam 2017 A (pdf)

Homework grades (xlsx)



Presentation (pptx)


Fast Fourier Transform
Integer and Polynomial Multiplication
String Matching

Presentation (pptx)
String matching examples (pptx)

Homework 1 (pdf)

Local Search
MAX CUT, Min Bisection
Image Segmentation

Part1 (pptx)
Part2 (pptx)

Local Search - Bibliography (pdf)

Homework 2 (pdf)

k-center, k-median, k-means

Presentation (pptx)

Clustering - Bibliography (pdf)

Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Part1 (pptx)
Part2 (pptx)

Homework 3 (pdf)

Multiplicative Weight Updates
Predicting using expert advice
Learning a linear classifier
Approximately solving 0-sum games
Maximum Multicommodity flow problems

Presentation (pptx)

Homework 4 (pdf)

SAT Solving
Conflict Driven Clause Learning (CDCL)
Randomized algorithms

Part1 (pptx)
Part2 (pptx)

MAX-CUT using Semidefinite Programming

Presentation (pptx)


Lecture Summaries (from last year) by Arazim Project

Sample Exam (pdf)