YoungEC '17

Young Researcher Workshop on Economics and Computation

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Reaching Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion Airport

There are two main modes by which you can reach Tel Aviv from the Ben Gurion Internation airport:

By taxi.

At the arrival terminal, you should be able to find licensed taxi operators at the ground level. It should roughly cost about 160 ILS to reach the city on during the days besides Shabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown), and about 200 ILS during Shabbath and late in the night.

By train.

There is a train station attached to the Ben Gurion airport that has a train to Tel Aviv about every 30 minutes. Tel Aviv has four train stations. If you are staying in the city centre, the station "Tel-Aviv-Savidor Centre" should be the closest to you. If you are staying near the Tel Aviv University, then "Tel Aviv University" should be the closest stop. A single-ride ticket costs 16 ILS.

The trains operate on all days except during Shabbath (and other holidays). You could check the schedule on the Israel Railways Website.

At the train station, you would find two exits. If you plan to take a bus or walk to the university, take the one towards the University side. This exit would take you to a bus terminal. At the north end of the bus terminal, there are stairs that take you up to the university. It is perhaps a 15-20 minute walk but these stairs may not be suitable if you have luggage with you.

The other option is to take a bus to the university gates. The bus numbers 7, 45, 289 general go around the university campus before going to the city centre but make sure to ask the bus driver. A single journey costs 5.90 ILS.

Getting around Tel Aviv

Public transportation: You can check routes and timetables in the Dan (the local bus company) website (unfortunately, only some of it is in English):, and in the Egged (another bus company) website: Smartphone apps such as can give real-time information about buses.

Taxi: Besides hailing a taxi on the road, you could also use apps such as GetTaxi or Uber to book a taxi.

Bicycles for rent: Tel Aviv also has the option of renting a bike from designated Tel-O-Fun stations all around the city. For more information, visit

Almost all relevant travel information can be found at -

Exchanging Foreign Currency into Shekels

Almost all currency exchanges and post offices in Tel Aviv would be able to convert US Dollars or Euros into Israeli Shekels. For participants carrying Indian Rupees however, we'd recommend converting them to US Dollars or Euros before entering Israel since very few currency exchange services in Tel Aviv buy Indian Rupees.

Important information

Dates: 1st January to 5th January, 2017
Venue:   Tel Aviv University, Beit-Hatfutsot

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