Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

First Steps in Research for Excellent Students

Autumn 2017


Lectures Thursday, 13:00-15:00, Shenkar 105
Requirements Attendance, final research project on one of the course topics.
General Information:

  • The final grade will be calculated by the advisor with whom you choose to work
  • Please choose your advisor by the end of semester A
  • Please choose a tentative project topic at the first week of semester B
  • Please write a short summary of papers that are the background for your project by the end of week 7 of semester B.
  • Pleae write a short status update by the end of semester B
  • Final project submission will be around the end of Auguest or early September
  • You may work with any faculty member of your choosing, including faculty members that don't teach at this course this year

  • Course Schedule

    A Google calendar with all lectures that can be added to your account is here.

    Week Date Speaker Topic
    1 18.10.2018
    Gil Cohen

    Tree Codes

    2 25.10.2018 
    Daniel Cohen-Or students

    Deep learning for graphics

    3 1.11.2018 Shraon Shoham Buchbinder
    Verification using Decidable Logic

    4 8.11.2018 Amit Bermano
    3D Printing and Computational Fabrication in the Computer Graphics field

    5 15.11.2018  Daniel Deutch
    Explainable Computation

    6 22.11.2018 Ori Lahav
    Weak Memory Concurrency

    7 29.11.2018  Shiri Chechik
    Combinatorial Algorithms

    8 6.12.2018 Iftach Haitner

    9 13.12.2018 Roded Sharan
    Building a Cell Simulator

    10 20.12.2018 Elhanan Borenstein

    11 27.12.2018 Eyal Ronen
    Breaking Real World Crypto

    12 3.1.2018 Adam Morrison
    Speculative Execution Attacks and Defenses

    13 10.1.2018 Amir Globerson
    Deep learning theory and applications