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Prof. Daniel Deutch
Prof. Daniel Deutch

Associate Professor,

Blavatnik School of Computer Science

Faculty of Exact Sciences

Tel Aviv University

Contact Details

Office: Tel Aviv University, Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Schreiber Building, Room 113
Tel. : 972-(0)3-6406698
Email: danielde AT post.tau.ac.il


  • "Provenance for Natural Language Queries" with N. Frost and A. Gilad, VLDB 2017 Best Paper Award
  • Awarded the Fruits of the Sackler Chair, Tel Aviv University (2017)
  • Awarded the 2016 Krill prize by the Wolf Foundation
  • Publications

  • See DBLP
  • Phd Students

  • Yuval Moskovitch
  • Amir Gilad
  • Nave Frost
  • Tomer Wolfson
  • Msc Students

  • Ariel Frankenthal
  • Oren Sheffer
  • Shevah Marants (Graduated 2019)
  • Yehonatan Ginzberg (Graduated 2019)
  • Tomer Wolfson (Graduated 2019)
  • Tomer Haimovitch (Graduated 2019)
  • Yizhak Elboher (Graduated 2017)
  • Efrat Abramovich (Graduated 2017)
  • Nave Frost (Graduated 2016)
  • Amir Gilad (Graduated 2016)
  • Eleanor Ainy (Graduated 2015)
  • Yuval Moskovitch (Graduated 2013)
  • Research Positions

    Positions and scholarships are available for outstanding and motivated MSc and PhD students who are interested in applied or theoretical research in Web data management.

    Research Interests

    My reasearch focuses on Data Management. The high-level goals of my research are to understand, organize and analyze Data. My methodology of doing so is typically based, in part, on foundations in classic data managemant (databases), logic and probability and process analysis.

    Short Bio

    Daniel Deutch is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department of Tel Aviv University. Daniel has received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University in 2010. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and INRIA France. His research focuses on advanced database applications and web data management, studying both theoretical and practical aspects of issues such as data provenance, analysis of web applications and data, and dealing with data uncertainty. Daniel's research has been disseminated by papers in the top conferences and journals on data and web data management, including VLDB, SIGMOD/PODS, WWW, VLDBJ, TODS and others. He has served on the Program Committee of top conferences including VLDB, SIGMOD, PODS and WWW. He has won a number of research awards including the VLDB 2017 best paper award, the 2016 Krill Prize (awarded by the Wolf Foundation) and the 2013-14 Yahoo! Early Career Award. His research was awarded multiple competitive grants by the European Research Council (ERC), by the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF, twice), the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), the Broadcom Foundation, the Israeli Ministry of Science (MOST), and the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Institute (ICRC).
    The Website of Daniel Deutch danielde AT post.tau.ac.il