Seminar in Computational Geometry (0368-3374-01) Spring 08/09

Micha Sharir and Haim Kaplan

We will follow the first few chapters of the book Lectures on Discrete Geometry by Jiri Matousek.

Tentative schedule

·         22/3 Chapter 1: Convexity   Eugene Rozenberg  

·         29/3 Chapter 2: Lattices and Minkowski’s Theorem  Anat Mozeson

·         19/4 Chapter 3: Convex Independent Subsets (Erdos-Szekeres Thm and Horton Sets) Yuval Rochman

·         26/4 and 3/5 Chapter 4: Incidences Problems Evegeny Fraimovitz and George Kalashnikov part1 part2

·         Chapter 5: Convex Polytopes

·         Chapter 6:  Number of Faces in Arrangements Shimon Magal and Omar Shibli  part1 part2

·         Chapter 7:  Lower Envelopes Yuval Suede part1 part2

Each of chapters 4-7 would be split and presented by two students.

Anyone who joins the seminar later (i.e. did not attend the first meeting) please contact one of us