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TVLA is an evolving research vehicle for abstract interpretation, featuring:
  • A powerful language for expressing concrete semantics;
  • Automatic generation of abstract interpreters from concrete semantics;
  • Tunable abstractions and tunable transformers; and
TVLA is naturally suited for checking properties of heap allocated data.

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TVLA is available for academic use only, with no support.

TVLA 3 + HeDec

An experimental version of TVLA with Heap Decomposition
[HeDec Tech. Report] [tvla-3.tar.gz] [tvla-3.jar]


An experimental version presented at CAV 2007 (July, 2007)


An alpha version is now available (August 23, 2004).

TVLA 0.91

Java distribution (August 19, 2002)
Native Win32 distribution (February 4, 2002)
Known bugs and limitations

TVLA 0.9

Java distribution

TVLA extensions

3VMC : A 3-Valued Model Checker

3VMC is a tool developed by Eran Yahav for analysis and verification of concurrent systems.
More information, including a user-manual and TVM examples is available from the link above.
3VMC has been integrated into TVLA since version 0.91.

Alexsa : Algorithm Explanation by Shape Analysis

Alexa is an extension developed by Ronald Bieber for visualization for TVLA outputs.
Alexsa is distributed separately.
More information is available from the link above.

Related projects, tools and theories

Local Reasoning and Separation Logic [Smallfoot] [Slayer]
``The main ingredients of the work so far are the logic of bunched implications (BI), a general logic of resource composition, and separation logic, an extension of Hoare's logic which addresses difficulties in reasoning about pointer data structures.''

The CANVAS project uses TVLA as a test bed for abstract interpretation. The goal is to check conformance of Java programs to EASL specifications.

Composite Symbolic Library
Combines different abstract domains, including shape graphs to verify concurrent systems.

Pointer Assertion Logic Engine
``Pointer Assertion Logic is a notation for expressing assertions about the heap structure of imperative languages. It allows programmers to specify pre- and post-conditions of procedures, loop invariants, and other assertions in Weak Monadic Second-order Logic of Graph Types ...
PALE - the Pointer Assertion Logic Engine - is a complete implementation of the technique.''

Related publications

"Revamping TVLA: Making Parametric Shape Analysis Competitive"
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"Predicate Abstraction and Canonical Abstraction for Singly-Linked Lists"
Roman Manevich, Eran Yahav, G. Ramalingam and Mooly Sagiv in VMCAI 2005

"Partially Disjunctive Heap Abstraction"
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"Numeric domains with summarized dimensions"
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"Parametric shape analysis via 3-valued logic"
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