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Group's Contact information:

Lab: Schreiber 216

Phone: +972-3-640-7886
Group Seminar: Thursdays 11:10-12:30

Current Group Members

Past Group Members

Current Group Members:

Gal Gilad (PhD)         Eran Hermosh (PhD)
(MSc, 2021)                                            

Yair Pickholz (MSc)        Lital Voulichman (MSc)

Yonatan Lourie (MSc)       Ron Sheinin (PhD)

Lorenzo Signorini (PhD)     Tal Boazy (MSc)

Yael Kupershmidt (PhD)         Rami Nasser (PhD)
                                   (MSc, 2021)

Past Group Members:

Itay Kahane (MSc, 2023):
Mutational signature analysis

Barel Mashiach (MSc, 2024):
Overlapping correlation clustering

Shani Jacobson (MSc, 2023):
Attractor finding in asynchronous Boolean networks

Neta Zadok (MSc, 2023):
Prediction of autism spectrum disorder genes

Daniel Pirak (MSc, 2022):
Network orientation

Reut Danino (MSc, 2023):
Batch correction of single cell RNA-seq data

Itay Sason (PhD, 2022):
Mutational signature analysis

Asia Gervitz (MSc, 2022):
Prediction of genetic interactions, cancer dependencies and drug sensitivities

Barak Gross (MSc, 2022):
Multi-task learning for predicting SARS-CoV-2 antibody escape

Nitay Izhacky (MSc, 2021):
Prediction of cancer dependencies from expression data using deep learning

Hadas Biran (MSc, 2019):
Network propagation

Ariel Bruner (MSc, 2020):
A robustness analysis of Boolean models of cellular circuits

Dana Silverbush (PhD, 2018):
Network annotation

Barak Sternberg (MSc, 2018):
A dynamic algorithm for network propagation

Nir Atias (PhD, 2016):
Network-based modeling of biological processes

Yael Silberberg (PhD, 2017):
Systems medicine

Dalya Gartzman (MSc, 2016):
Overlapping correlation clustering

Arnon Mazza (PhD, 2016):
Reconstruction and alignment of biological networks

Jan Rudolph (MSc, 2016):
Elucidating active proteins and signaling
pathways from phosphoproteomic data

Uri Valevski (MSc, 2015):
Predicting harmful mutations from protein sequences

Dima Bloch (MSc, 2013):
Approximation Algorithms and Hardness Results
Based Graph for Shortest Path Orientations

Shay Houri (MSc, 2013)
Sign Assignment Problems on Protein Networks

Assaf Gottlieb (Post-Doc, 2012):
Methods for Predicting Drug Properties

Oded Magger (MSc, 2011):
Enhancing the Prioritization of Disease Causing Genes
Through Tissue-Specific Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Liram Vardi (MSc, 2011):
A Linearized Constraint Based Approach
for Modeling Signaling Networks

Shiri Freilich (Post-Doc, 2011):
Modeling Bacterial Communities

Liat Perlman (MSc, 2010):
Combining Drug and Gene Similarity Metrics
for Drug-Target elucidation

Misael Mongiovi
(Post-Doc, 2010):
Methods for Network Alignment and Querying

Tomer Benyamini (MSc, 2010):
Computational Metabolic Modeling of Cellular Growth

Inbar Cohen-Gihon (PhD, 2010):
Domain-Based Evolution of Protein Networks

Nir Yosef (PhD, 2009):
Functional Models of Cellular Response to Perturbation

Oron Vanunu (MSc, 2009): (MSc, 2009)
Associating Genes and Protein Complexes
with Disease via Network Propagation

Sharon Bruckner (Hüffner) (MSc, 2009):
Topology Free Querying of Protein
Interaction Networks

Sasha Medvedovsky (MSc, 2009):
An Algorithm for Orienting Graphs Based on Cause-
Effect Pairs and its Applications to Orienting Protein networks

Liron Levkovitz (MSc, 2009):
Identification of Enriched Transcription Factor
Binding Sites in the Promoters of Co-Expressed Genes

Tomer Shlomi (PhD, 2008):
Functional Models and Building Blocks
of Metabolic and Protein Networks

Guy Geva (MSc, 2008):
Identification of Protein Complexes from
Co-Immunoprecipitation Data