My research interests are in Software Engineering, specifically software and systems modeling, modeling languages, and formal methods. I have recently worked on synthesis of structure and behavior, differencing, log analysis, model inference, and model-based testing.

I joined the faculty of the School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, in summer 2012, as a (tenure-track) Senior Lecturer (assistant professor). Since January 2018 I am an Associate Professor with Tenure. I received my B.Sc and M.Sc. in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University and my PhD in Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute (2009). Before joining TAU as a faculty member I was post-doc research fellow at RWTH Aachen University, Germany (2010-2012). In 2015-2016 I was on sabbatical as visiting scientist at MIT CSAIL.

I am actively recruiting new MSc students, PhD students, and post-docs. Positions come with full funding for a number of years. Please contact me for details.

Funding (partial list)

  • ISF (Israel Science Foundation) Grant: SPECTACKLE (10/2023)
  • ERC Proof of Concept Grant: SYNTACT (5/2022)
  • ERC Starting Grant: SYNTECH (4/2015)
  • GIF (German-Israeli Foundation) Grant: C&C Views (started 2015, with Bernhard Rumpe)

Publications since 2013 (partial list)

Recent service (partial list)

  • ASE SC member (since 2022)
  • PC co-chair for ASE'21 tools track, PC co-chair for ASE'22 main research track
  • PC member for ASE'13, ASE'14, MODELS'14, ICSE'15 (RC), ASE'15 (Distinguished Reviewer Award), MODELS'15, ECOOP'16, ASE'16 (ERP), ME'16, OCL'16, ASE'17, ME'17, ICSE'18, ASE'18, ICSE'19, ICSE'20, ASE'20, ESEC/FSE'21, ICSE'22, FoSSaCS'23, ICSE'23, ICSE'24, FSE'24
  • Reviewer for TOSEM, IEEE TSE, SoSyM, Empirical Software Engineering, Computing Surveys, JSME, STVR, Software: Practice and Experience