Current and recent projects

Ongoing and older projects

  • C&C Views: Structural crosscutting views for component and connector models (FSE'13) (ICSE'14) (2 X MoDELS'17)
  • Semantic differencing operators for model comparisons (ME'10) (ECOOP'11) (FSE'11) (MoDELS'15) (SoSyM)
  • CD2Alloy, class diagram analysis using Alloy revisited (MODELS'11)
  • A product line approach to language variability (MODELS'11) (FASE'14)
  • Assume-guarantee scenarios: semantics, synthesis, handling unrealizability (MODELS'12) (ICSE'13)
  • Mining scenario-based specifications (ASE'07) (ASE'08) (PASTE'08) (ASE'09) (ASE'10) (ASE Journal) (ASE'13)
  • AspectLTL, an aspect language for LTL specifications (AOSD'11) (AOSD'12) (TAOSD)
  • Modal object diagrams, extending classical object diagrams with modalities (ECOOP'11)
  • The Tracer, a trace visualization and exploration tool for reactive systems (VL/HCC'07) (SoSyM)
  • Scenarios in Action, home of the S2A compiler (FSE'06) (FASE'07) (TOSEM) --- Now part of PlayGo