Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

First Steps in Research for Excellent Students

Fall 2019


Lectures Thursday, 15:00-17:00, Checkpoint 380
Requirements Attendance, final research project on one of the course topics.
General Information:

  • The final grade will be calculated by the advisor with whom you choose to work
  • Please choose your advisor by the end of semester A
  • Please choose a tentative project topic at the first week of semester B
  • Please write a short summary of papers that are the background for your project by the end of week 7 of semester B.
  • Pleae write a short status update by the end of semester B
  • Final project submission will be around the end of Auguest or early September
  • You may work with any faculty member of your choosing, including faculty members that don't teach at this course this year

  • Course Schedule

    Week Date Speaker Topic
    1 31.10.2019
    Daniel Deutch

    Explainable computation

    2 7.11.2019
    Daniel Cohen-or

    Slides: Deep learning for graphics, More Slides
    Papers: Image Resizing, Learning character agnostic motion, Cross domain deep feature translation

    3 14.11.2019 Ori Lahav
    Weak memory concurrency

    4 21.11.2019 Gil Cohen
    Interactive coding: Survey paper, paper 1, paper 2

    5 28.11.2019 Tomer Koern
    Optimization for Machine and Reinforcement Learning: paper 1, paper 2, paper 3, paper 4

    6 5.12.2019 Amit Bermano

    7 12.12.2019 Meet-up

    8 19.12.2019 Elhanan Borenstein

    9 26.11.2020 Shiri Chechik

    10 2.1.2020 Omer Paneth

    11 9.1.2020 Nadav Cohen
    Theory of deep learning

    12 16.1.2020 Adam Morrison
    Side-channels and speculative execution attacks

    13 23.1.2020 Amir Globerson