Given a complex (set of proteins) for a query species, Torque seeks a matching set of proteins of a target species that are sequence-similar to the query proteins and span a connected region of the target network. It allows both deletions (query proteins that have no match in the output) and insertions (proteins in the output that do not match any query input and are inserted to keep the output connected).


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The Torque software was developed and written as a collaborative effort between Sharon Bruckner, Dr. Falk Hüffner, Prof. Roded Sharan, and Prof. Ron Shamir at Tel Aviv University, and Prof. Richard Karp at the University of California, Berkeley.

The web server engine was developed by Maxim Kalaev at Roded Sharan's laboratory at TAU. Nir Yosef provided the PPI networks (see our RECOMB '09 paper) for data sources). Yael Pessach contributed to the web page design.

For source code or executables of Torque, or for bug reports and feature requests, please contact Sharon Bruckner.