Welcome to ANAT

Genome-scale screening studies are gradually accumulating a wealth of data on the putative involvement of hundreds of genes in various cellular responses or functions. A fundamental challenge is to chart out the molecular pathways that underlie these systems. ANAT (Advanced Network Analysis Tool) , is an all-in-one resource that provides access to up-to-date large-scale physical association data in several organisms, advanced algorithms for network reconstruction, and a number of tools for exploring and evaluating the obtained network models

ANAT supports three types of network-based analyses:

  1. Inferring an anchored network that connects a given set of proteins to a designated anchor set of proteins
  2. Inferring a non-anchored network that connects a given set of proteins to each other
  3. basic network tasks viewing the local neighborhood of a given set of proteins, and finding the highest confidence paths between pairs of proteins in them

ANAT is implemented via a client-server architecture. The client side is implemented as a plugin to the Cytoscape network visualization platform. The server side contains a data repository of molecular interactions and protein annotations, and the network inference algorithmic engine.

Currently supported organisms:

  • Homo sapiens
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae