Logic and Formal Methods in Computer Science
Advanced Seminar


Place: Kaplun 324
Time: Wednesdays, 12:10 - 14:00

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
1. 21 October Iddo Tzameret (ASCR, Prague)
Lengths of Proofs and Linear Algebra
2. 28 October Beata Konikowska (Polish Acad. Sciences) Many-valued and Two-valued Paradigms in Computer Science Logics
3. 4 November Arnon Avron (TAU) Maximal Paraconsistent Logics (slides)
4. 11 November Dov Gabbay (King's College) Reactive intuitionistic models (paper)
5. 18 November Mor Doron (Hebrew U.) Hereditary zero-one laws for graphs
6. 25 November Alex Rabinovich (TAU) The full binary tree cannot be interpreted in a chain
7. 2 December Arnon Avron (TAU) What every student of math or cs should know about Euclidean constructions
8. 9 December
9. 16 December Nachum Dershowitz (TAU) Analog algorithms
10. 23 December Haifa Event Honoring Jeffery Zucker
11. 30 December Shalom Lappin (King's College) Expressiveness and Complexity in Underspecified Semantic Representation
12. 6 January Yaron Welner (TAU) Degrees of Lookahead in Regular Infinite Games (by Holtmann, Kaiser and Thomas) (paper) (slides)
13. 13 January Shachar Harussi (TAU) Optimizing XML Processing
14. 20 January Bob Constable (Cornell) Steps Toward Proofs-as-Processes

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
1. February 24 Bob Constable (Cornell) The Logic of Events (continued)
2. March 3 Alex Rabinovich (TAU) Extensions of the Church Synthesis Problem
3. March 10 Isolde Adler (Frankfurt) Tree-width for first-order formulas
4. March 17 Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft Research) Security Policy: Logic and Engineering
5. March 24 Passover
March 31
6. April 7 Ben Sandbank (TAU) ConText and COG
7. April 14 Janos Makowsky (Technion) Application of Logic to Generating Functions: Holonomic Sequences
-. Sunday, April 18
Department Colloquium
Moshe Vardi (Rice U.) From Philosophical to Industrial Logics
8. April 21 Seth Fogarty (Rice U.) Ramsey-Based Buechi Complementation
9. April 28 Shaull Almagor (HU) Promptness in ω-regular automata
10. May 5 Moshe Koppel (Bar Ilan U.) Recent advances in authorship attribution
11. May 12 Ori Lahav (TAU) General Canonical Gentzen-Type Systems

May 19 Shavuot
12. May 26 Nachum (TAU) Unconventional Computation
13. June 2 Liron Cohen (TAU) TBD
14. June 9 Chaitin in Haifa

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Organizers: Arnon Avron, Nachum Dershowitz and Alexander Rabinovich