The RTA list of open problems

The RTA list of open problems summarizes open problems in the field of the International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (RTA). For the RTA 2002 conference, the topics of RTA were given as

The RTA list of open problems was created in 1991 by Nachum Dershowitz, Jean-Pierre Jouannaud and Jan Willem Klop on occasion of the RTA’91 conference. Updated lists have since been published at RTA’93, RTA’95 and RTA’98.

Since October 1997 the list of open problems is maintained as a web service. This effort is, at the moment, led by Nachum Dershowitz. The pages that you can access reflect an update of the lists presented to the RTA conferences. Currently, the list comprises 107 problems, 36 of which are solved. Note that problems marked as solved may still leave open the question of extensions or special cases.

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