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The Modas project is funded by the European
Research Council under the European
Community’s Seventh Framework Programme
(FP7) /  grant MoDaS, agreement n 291071.

Key data


  • WebDam-MoDaS Workshop in Eilat

  • This meeting will be joint between Webdam (in its last year) and
    MoDaS (inits first). The meeting will bring together members of the
    two projects with the best world specialists in the topics.


    Meeting Topic:

    We are being overwhelmed by the masses of information that are
    available. Typically pieces of information are noisy: imprecise,
    incomplete, inconsistent. This may be the case for global information
    on the public Web as well as for private information in social networks
    systems. We are concerned with combining all the techniques we can
    to evaluate the quality of information and work to improve it. This
    will typically involve both reasoning in an imprecise environment
    (asstressed by Webdam) and relying on crowd participation (as
    advocated by MoDaS). The workshop will bring together the two
    approaches with an emphasis on the intersection of the two topics
    but also considering their disjunction to bring the two groups up to
    date with the two topics.

    The workshop will serve both as an assessment for Webdam and
    a brainstorming for MoDaS.

    Program chairs: Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University), Serge Abiteboul
    (INRIA, ENSCachan)