Diorama Construction from a Single Image

     Jackie Assa       Lior Wolf    

School of Computer Science - Tel Aviv University










Diorama construction from a single image. The original image (a); An example of the extracted relative cues (b), shown as arrow heads pointing further away from the viewer; The generated surface with slits (c); and a synthesized Diorama model (d).


Diorama artists produce a spectacular 3D effect in a confined space by generating depth illusions that are faithful to the ordering of the objects in a large real or imaginary scene. Indeed, cognitive scientists have discovered that depth perception is mostly affected by depth order and precedence among objects. Motivated by these findings, we employ ordinal cues to construct a model from a single image that similarly to Dioramas, intensifies the depth perception. We demonstrate that such models are sufficient for the creation of realistic 3D visual experiences.

The initial step of our technique extracts several relative depth cues that are well known to exist in the human visual system. Next, we integrate the resulting cues to create a coherent surface. We introduce wide slits in the surface, thus generalizing the concept of cardboard cutout layers. Lastly, the surface geometry and texture are extended alongside the slits, to allow small changes in the viewpoint which enriches the depth illusion.

Overview of the method:

An overview of our technique. Given an image, we analyze it using a set of relative depth cues. Next, we iteratively construct a surface with slits. This surface is completed alongside the slits, to allow for novel-view synthesis.

Technical report:  conference version was accepted to Eurographics 2007
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Video clip presenting the work and the results:
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