Omni-rig:  Linear Self-recalibration of a Rig with Varying Internal and External Parameters.


Assaf Zomet  Lior Wolf and  Amnon Shashua 

School of Computer Science and Engineering

The Hebrew University,

Jerusalem 91904, Israel


We describe the principles of building a moving vision

platform (a Rig) that once calibrated can thereon self-adjust

to changes in its internal configuration and maintain

an Euclidean representation of the 3D world using

only projective measurements. We term this calibration paradigm


We assume that after calibration the cameras may change critical elements of

 their configuration, including internal parameters and centers

of projection.\\

Theoretically we show that knowing only the rotations between a set of cameras

 is sufficient for Euclidean calibration even with varying internal parameters and unknown translations. No other information of the world is required.