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Topics covered in class include:


The course is intended for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates. The following background is assumed: some familiarity with probability, and basic programming skills

Requirements & Grades (subject to change)

There will be several group projects. Groups will be determined randomly for each task. In order to be eligible for a final grade, you must submit all homework duties. The homework will account for 0.7-1.0 of the final grade.

Submission format: Each group will send one e-mail to: The email should have the title "Assignment: 1 Group: 11, Group Leader: Ben Hur" (replace with the actual details). Please do not write anything in the e-mail's body, except for the names of the group members. Leader first, one member in each line. Attach one .zip file containing a short document describing what you did ("summary.txt"), a zip file called code.zip that contains all code you used for the experiment, and a zip file called data.zip that contains all data. Please also include a README.txt file describing the format of the data files and comilation+execution instructions.