Advanced Topics in Graph Algorithms

Instructor: Prof. Ron Shamir.


Lectures: Sundays 16:00-19:00, Physics 114.
Office hours: Thursdays 16:00-17:00, Schreiber 115.
Grader: Dekel Tsur
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Each student will be assigned as a scribe (i.e., to prepare lecture notes) for one lecture. The notes should be prepared in Latex within a week following the lecture, then corrected by Dekeland me, and finally revised by the student and distributed in class. All this process must be complete within two weeks from the original lecture. Notes should contain all the material presented in class, written in clear and accurate fashion. Use figures and diagrams to clarify things. Use the scribes from former years with caution, as some material has changed and some errors stilll persist in them.

There will be no final exam. Exercize sets will be given every other week or so and will serve as a take home exam. Solutions should be done INDEPENDENTLY by each student and without help from others. Use of books and articles for the solutions is allowed and will not affect the grading, but the sources should be noted in the solutions. Final grade: 70% exercize sets + 30% scribe work.

Look here for all Course Material (current and old stuff)

Tentative Course Outline

Actual course outline for the current semester gradually appears here.


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