Special workshop: Bioinformatics, Optimization and Graphs


Ron Shamir's Sixtieth Birthday

Tel Aviv University

School of Computer Science

When: December 12, 2013

Where: Tel Aviv University, Beit Hatfutsot Museum, Ze'evi Hall 



8:45-9:15 Gathering

9:15-9:30 Opening:  Prof. Joseph Klafter, President, Tel Aviv University

                                 Prof. Yishay Mansour, School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University                                                                                                                                                                           


Session 1: Berkeley (9:30-10:45)

9:30-9:55 Richard Karp, UC Berkeley: Models, Algorithms and Lower Bounds for the Binary Multi-Armed Bandit problem

9:55-10:20 Ilan Adler, UC Berkeley: On Simplex Pivoting Rules and Complexity Theory

10:20-10:45 Dorit Hochbaum, UC Berkeley: An effective combinatorial optimization algorithm for data mining and clustering

Coffee break (10:45-11:30)

Session 2: Tel Aviv (11:30-12:45)

11:30-11:45 Roded Sharan & Irit Gat-Viks, Tel Aviv University: Greetings

11:45-12:00 Itsik Pe’er, Columbia University: Sequencing an Ashkenazi reference panel: Lessons for population genetics and personal genomics

12:00-12:15 Amos Tanay, Weizmann Institute: Mechanisms for implementing epigenetic memory at the single cell level

12:15-12:30 Rotem Sorek, Weizmann Institute: Modern microbial genomics

12:30-12:45 Yaron Orenstein, Tel Aviv University: Design of shortest double-stranded DNA sequences covering all k-mers

Lunch (12:45-14:15)

Session 3: Berlin (14:15-15:30)

14:15-14:40 Hans Lehrach, MPI Berlin: Genetics, Genomics and Systems Medicine

14:40-15:05 Martin Vingron, MPI Berlin: Likes and dislikes and concerted action among regulating factors on a genome

15:05-15:30 Martin Kupiec, Tel Aviv University: Telomere length regulation in yeast, an endless story about chromosome ends

Coffee break (15:30-16:15)

Session 4: Southern California (16:15-17:30)

16:15-16:40 Michael Waterman, University of Southern California: Alignment-Free Local Sequence Comparison Algorithms

16:40-17:05 Pavel Pevzner, UC San Diego: Fragment assembly as a 2-dimensional puzzle

17:05-17:30 Martin Golumbic, University of Haifa: Graph sandwich problems


17:30-17:45 Conclusions: Ron Shamir

Organizing committee:

Roded Sharan, Irit Gat-Viks, Itsik Pe'er, Rotem Sorek, Amos Tanay, Gilit Zohar-Oren.
Contact: gilit@post.tau.ac.il



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