Topics in Programming Languages

Assignments: homeworks with exercises. It is required to submit 80%. The final grade = 20%homework+80% home exam.

Requirements: Discrete Math, Logic.


Here some papers and books which might be helpful for the course.

Carl Gunter. Semantics of Programming Languages.

J. Mitchel. Foundations for Programming languages.

B. Pierce, Types and programming languages.

H. Barendreqt . The Lambda Calculus.

J. Hindley and P. Seldin. Introduction to combiators and lambda calculus.

Peyton Jones.
Implementing Functional Languages.

B. A. Trakhtenbrot.
Comparing the Church and Turing approaches: Two Prophetical messages.
In The Unuversal Turing Machine - A Half Century Survey. Edited by R. Herken.

M. Hennessy.
Slides on Bisimulation

Homework 2

Homework 3.

Homework 4.

Homework 5.

Lecture notes
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