Software Project, Fall 2013-14


Instructor: Nir Andelman
Office hours: by appointment.
Teaching Assistant: Moshe Sulamy

Syllabus and Handouts

Course web site at Moodle TAU

The course consists of two parts. The first part focuses on learning the C programming language; the second part will be devoted for describing the project and advanced topics in C and UNIX.

There will be 3 exercises and a project. Submission of all is mandatory.

The grade will be determined as follows: exercises (5% ex1; 5% ex2; 10% ex3), project (50%) and final exam (30%).

The main textbook used in the course: ĎA Book on Cí, 4th Edition by Kelley and Pohl. Example programs from the book

Following is a tentative outline of the course, which will be updated according to what is actually studied in class:

Week Date Lecture & Handouts Read more
1 15 Oct Introduction to C (Chapter 1)
2 22 Oct The working environment & Ex. 1 Basic UNIX commands; Programming Environment
3 29 Oct Lexical elements and fundamental data types (Chapters 2-3); Flow of control (Chapter 4) Floating point representation
4 5 Nov Functions (Chapter 5); Runtime environment
5 12 Nov Input & Output; Bitwise operators (Chapter 7); Make (Chapter 11) & Ex2
6 19 Nov Arrays and pointers (Chapter 6)
7 26 Nov More on pointers Dynamic matrix allocation (Chapter 12.6)
8 3 Dec Compilers
9 10 Dec Structures and Linked lists (Chapters 9-10)
10 17 Dec Preprocessor (Chapter 8); Ex. 3 The preprocessor
11 24 Dec Secure programming
12 31 Dec Project description SDL; SDL 1.2 documentation
13 7 Jan Files (Chapter 11, till 11.9)
14 14 Jan Rehearsal

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