The Mashup Project

Web mashups is an emerging data integration concept, aiming to gather data sources and Web applications. The concept of mashups originated from the understanding that the number of applications available on the Web and the need to combine them to meet user requirements, are growing very rapidly.

However, these applications are often complex, provide access to large and heterogeneous data, varied functionalities and built-in GUIs, so that it becomes in many cases an impossible task for IT departments to build them in-house as rapidly as they are requested to. The role of mashups is to facilitate this rapid, on-demand, software development task. Furthermore,by enabling dense (Web 2.0-style) interactions between components, the mashup concept goes even further, illustrating the Gestalt principle that the whole is different than the sum of its parts.

Our work concentrates of exploring the underlying data management aspects these mashups present, focusing on interesting use cases in various domains, and on algorithmic problems.


Project Members