Seminar on:

Computational issues in Game Theory
Yishay Mansour 
Feb 18, 2003 presentation
Coordination ratio
Worst-case Equilibria  Koutsoupias and Papadimitriou
Tight Bounds for Worst-Case Equilibria   A. Czumaj and B. Vocking
Yishay Mansour 
Feb 25, 2003 presentation
Selfish Traffic Allocation for Server Farms  A. Czumaj, P. Krysta, and B. Vocking
Dudi Duytcher 
March 4  presentation
How Bad is Selfish Routing?  Roughgarden and Tardos 
Lior Azar 
March 11, 2003 presentation
Computing Nash
Computation of Equilibria in Finite Games  Richard McKelvey and Andrew McLennan. [Chapter 1-3]
Computing Equilibria for Two-Person Games  Bernhard von Stengel [Chapters 1-2]
Yishay Mansour 
March 25, 2003 presentation
Adaptive game playing using multiplicative weights
Yoav Freund and Robert E. Schapire. 
Playing Large Games Using Simple Strategies
R. Lipton, E. Markakis, and A. Mehta.
Yishay Mansour
April 1, 2003  presentation
Load Balancing, Congestion games and potential games
Potential Games, D. Monderer and L. Shapley
Haim Evron
April 8, 2003
Competitive Routing in Multi-User Communication Networks  A. Orda R. Rom and N. Shimkin
Yuval Liftshitz
April 29, 2003                         presentation
Congestion Games with Player-Specific Payoff Functions Igal Milchtaich
Eran Warner
May 13                              presentation
Convergence time to Nash Equilibrium E. Even-Dar, A. Kesselman and Y. Mansour
Yishay Mansour 
May 20              presentation
Nash Convergence
Graphical Models for Game Theory  M. Littman, M. Kearns and S. Singh.
An Efficient Exact Algorithm for Singly Connected Graphical Games  M. Littman, M. Kearns and S. Singh
Cohen Shai 
May 27          presentation
Fictitious Play [Chapter 2, The theory of learning in Games, D. Fudenberg and D. Levine]
Tzur Sayag 
June 3          presentation

Efficient Computation of Equilibria for Two-Person Games  Koller, Megiddo, and von Stengel