Ilan Ben-Bassat

PhD Student in Computer Science
Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University
Advised by Prof. Benny Chor
Data scientist at Cybereason
Formelry at IBM Security Division

Contact Information
Office:404 Shenkar Physics Building
Address:Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
Research Interests
The focus of my research lies in designing computational methods for deep-sequencing data analysis, with an emphasis on:
  • Protein-RNA binding prediction
  • De-novo genome assembly
  • CRISPR detection
  • On the computational side, I am especially interested in:
  • Deep learning
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Sampling methods and probabilistic data structures
  • Graph algorithms
  • Publications
    I. Ben-Bassat and E. Rokah, Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Efficient Web Application Security Testing
    ICISSP 2019 ICISSP Proceedings PDF
    I. Ben-Bassat, B. Chor, and Y. Orenstein A Deep Neural Network Approach for Learning Intrinsic Protein-RNA Binding Preferences
    ECCB 2018 Bioinformatics PDF
    I. Ben-Bassat and B. Chor, CRISPR Detection from Very Short Reads Using Partial Overlap Graphs
    RECOMB 2015 PDF
    I. Ben-Bassat and B. Chor, String Graph Construction Using Incremental Hashing
    ISMB HitSEQ 2014 Bioinformatics PDF
    I. Ben-Bassat, E. Rokah, et al.,Testing web applications using clusters
    US Patent US Patent Application Patent PDF Patent Application PDF
    Technical Reports
    I. Ben-Bassat, Enhancing crawling coverage of dynamic web applications by automatically detecting content-affecting parameters in HTTP requests
    DLPRB: Deep Learning for Protein-RNA Binding Prediction
    CRISPR Detection Tool
    String Graph Construction Tool
    Introduction to Computer Science in Python for Mathematicians (Spring 2018)
    Programming in Python for Engineers (Fall 2016-2017)
    Programming in Python for Engineers (Fall 2015-2016)
    Programming in Python for Electrical Engineers (Spring 2015)
    Programming in Python for Chemists (Spring 2015)
    Programming in C for Electrical Engineers, TA (Spring 2014)
    Extended Introduction in Python for Computer Science, TA (Fall 2012-2013)
    A Window to Computer Science for non Exact Science students, TA (Fall 2012-2013)
    Other Links
    My full CV can be found here.