Hezy Yeshurun            







                     Former Graduate Students



            Y. Boneh, Texture discrimination by Generalized Symmetry

            Z. Naor, Identification of cortical sulci in MRI images

            G. Vener, Analysis of random dot Moiree patterns for Stereopsis

            Y. Hermush, Motion detection by columnar cortical architecture

            E. Nattel, Object recognition by foveated vision

            A. Fishbach, Auditory scene analysis: elementary units

            B. Schlesinger, Models of localized stereoscopic perception

.           G. Shtupp, Binaural pitch perception

            A. Tankus, Face recognition by hybrid networks (With N. Intrator)

            M. Danon, Estimation of spectral distribution by receptive field

            N. Aleh, Models of Visual Attention.

            M. Kertesz, Video Sequence proximity measures.

            G. Hoffman, Layered representations of video sequences.

            V. Taubkin, Calibration of multiple cameras.

            D. Maimon, Detection and recognition of gestured in cluttered images.

            D. Noy, Resolving pointing ambiguities in GUI.

            G. Friedrich, face recognition in infrared images.

            O. Boiman, Spectral estimation of frequency dependent fMRI images.

            Y. Nir, Detection of correlated activity in the visual system. (With R. malach)

            A. Ruppin, Midi Music Genre Classification by Invariant Features

            G. Tanenbaum, Memory Capacity vs. Generalization in Neural Network Models (With S. Edelman)

            U. Gilad, Classification of Traffic Sources on The Internet (With V. Paxon)

            S. Grofit, Locating Stable Non-Linear Connections between Regions of Interest in the Human Brain

            A. Talmor , Interpretable Classification and Data Exploration in fMRI (With T. Hendler)

            R. Littman, Multi-View Point Correspondence using Spatio-Temporal Similarities in Video Sequences

            O. Golan, Automatic Detection of Faults in Long Duration Visual Tracking Systems

            A. Krasovsky, Differentiating sensory goals from motor actions in the human brain by cluster-based statistics (With R. Mukamel)





            N. Arad, Non-linear image warps (With N.  Dyn)

            D. Reisfeld, Detection of facial features by generalized symmetry

            M. Sipper, Studying complex systems using nonuniform cellular automata

            E. Ruppin, Neural modeling of memory related cognitive processes in normal and pathological states.

            A. Fishbach, Auditory scene analysis.

            A. Tankus, Perspective shape from shading (With N. Sochen)

            I. Drori, Example based rendering (With D. Cohen Or)

            E. Privman, Multiple Representation of the Brain's Neural Activity by ECoG and fMRI signals (With R. Malach)

           O. Perez, Predicting Human Decisions and Actions: Finding the Neural Correlates of Decision Making and Actions in Humans(With I. Fried)