Seminar Advanced Topics in Web Data Management


Tova Milo, Daniel Deutch, 2013/14


Meetings: Wednesdays 16-18


Seminar Information


The seminar focuses on managing, analyzing, sharing, and integrating data and applications on the web. Areas of interest include

crowdsourcing, social networks, data mining and integration, Big Data, probabilistic data and data provenance. We shall read recent

papers in this area, focusing on several specific issues, and then explore possible future directions. A list of tentative

topics/papers is enclosed.


Talks (Fall Semester)


1.      Counting with the Crowd, A. Marcus, D. Karger, S. Madden, R. Miller, S. Oh. VLDB 2013 (Slava, Oct 30)


2.      Using the crowd for top-k and group-by queries, S.B. Davidson, S. Khanna, T. Milo, S. Roy, ICDT 2013 (Prof. Susan Davidson, Nov 6)

3.      On Incentive-based Tagging, X. Yang, R. Cheng, L. Mo, B. Kao, D. Cheung, ICDE 2013 (Ezra, Nov 13)


4.      Less is More: Selecting Sources Wisely for Integration, X. Luna Dong, B. Saha, D. Srivastava, VLDB 2013 (Matan, Nov 20)



5.      Crowdsourced Enumeration Queries, K. Trushkowsky, T. Kraska, M. Franklin, P. Sarkar, ICDE 2013 (Moria, Nov 27)


6.      Minimal MapReduce Algorithms, Y. Tao, W. Lin, X. Xiao, SIGMOD 2013 (Eyal, Dec 4)


7.      Upper and Lower Bounds on the Cost of a Map-Reduce Computation F.Afrati, A. Das Sarma, S. Salihoglu, J. Ullman, VLDB 2013 (Yuval, Dec 11)


8.      Toward Practical Query Pricing with QueryMarket P. Koutris,P. Upadhyaya, M. Balazinska, B. Howe, D.Suciu, SIGMOD 2013 (Anna, Dec 18)


9.      AMIE: Association Rule Mining under Incomplete Evidence in Ontological Knowledge Bases, L. Galarraga, C. Teflioudi, F. Suchanek, K. Hose, WWW 2013 (Yael, Dec 25)


10.  Learning and Verifying Quantified Boolean Queries by Example, A. Abouzied, D. Angluin, C. Papadimitriou, J. Hellerstein, A. Silberschatz, PODS 2013 (Eleanor, Jan 1)


11.  Spanners: A Formal Framework for Information Extraction, R. Fagin, B. Kimelfeld, F. Reiss, S. Vansummeren, PODS 2013 (Benoit, Jan 8)


12.  TripleBit: a Fast and Compact System for Large Scale RDF Data, P. Yuan, P. Liu, B. Wu, L. Liu, H. Jin, W. Zhang, VLDB 2013 (Amit, Jan 15)



Talks (Spring Semester)


1.      Pierre Bouhris (Feb 26)


2.      Pierre Senellart and Antoine Amarili (March 19)


3.      Yuval (April 2)


4.      Anna and Eyal (April 23)


5.      Matan and Eleanor (May 7)


6.      Moria and Slava (May 21)


7.      Yael and Benoit (May 28)


8.      Ezra and Amit (June 11)