Daniel Deutch - Research Projects

PROPOLIS (Provisioned Process Analysis)

Many applications heavily depend on an underlying database in their operation. The goal of the PROPOLIS project is to develop a framework supporting the use of provenance in analysis of possible executions of such applications. Provenance support allows analysts to better understand the application merits and pitfalls, to interactively explore the effect of hypothetical modifications of the application and to analyze it in the context of meta-domain such as cost and access control restrictions.

The PROPOLIS project is partially supported by the Binational Science Foundation (BSF).

Analysis of Subjective Data in Social Networks

The growing popularity of social networks has led to the widespread dissemination of subjective data and opinions in different areas such as politics, food, entertainment etc. This greatly contributes to the richness and diversity of content on the Web, but at the same time constitutes a challenge in terms of data management. The data is distributed among a large number of peers, is very large-scale, includes inherent contradictions, and rapidly evolves. The research project aims at modeling and analyzing subjective data in social networks, accounting for its unique characteristics.

The project is partially supported by the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF).

Provenance for Web Data Transformations

Data on the Web propagates rapidly and in diverse manners, making it difficult to manage its sources, the exact manipulations that it underwent, its credibility, as well as security constraints. Solutions for these challenges can benefit from a provenance support framework. The goal of the project is to support provenance for novel data transformation formalisms that can capture the way data propgataes on the web. This include transformations via recursive query languages (e.g. Datalog) as well as workflows and emerging environments such as crowdsourcing platforms.

The project is partially supported by the Israeli Ministry of Science and by the Broadcom Foundation.

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