Former and Current M.Sc. Students:

       Eran Rom - M.Sc thesis: Improving the alpha-bet size in expander-based code constructions. 2005

       Eyal Kaplan. M.Sc. thesis: Derandomization of families of entropy-preserving functions. 2006

       Alex Rapaport. M.Sc. thesis: Quantum two prover interactive proof systems. 2007

       Ben Riva. M.Sc. thesis: Anonymous, bare-handed voting. 2007

       Roy Kasher - M.Sc thesis: Two-source extractors secure against quantum adversaries . 2010

       Tomer Levinboim - M.Sc thesis: Partition exchange and anonymous communication on sparse graphs . 2010

       Niko Farhi M.Sc thesis: An implementation of dual (paper and cryptographic) voting system. 2012

       Rotem Arnon M.Sc thesis: Towards the impossibility of non-signalling privacy amplification from time-like ordering constraints. 2012

       Tomer Hasid M.Sc thesis: Orthography and biblical criticisim. 2013

       Dean Doron - M.Sc thesis: On the problem of approximating eigenvalues of undirected graphs in probabilistic logspace. 2014

       Nir Aviv - M.Sc thesis: On the entropy loss and gap of condensers. 2017

       Bharatram Rangarajan - M.Sc thesis: Zeta functions and the Ramanujan property for regular graphs. 2018

       Noam Parzanchevski - M.Sc thesis: Dispersers with logarithmic entropy loss 2019

       Gonen Krak - M.Sc thesis: Applications of pseudo-randomness to Average-case complexity 2020

       Daniel Kozlov - M.Sc thesis: Simplifying the BCG PRPD for space bounded computation 2020

       Roie Salama

       Dan Karliner


Former and Current Ph.D. Students:

       Oded Schwartz (with Muli Safra): Ph.D thesis: Expansion and Approximability. 2007

       Avi Ben-Aroya (with Oded Regev). Ph.D thesis: Pseudorandomness and quantum information. 2011

       Klim Efremenko (with Oded Regev). Ph.D. thesis: A theory of locally decodable codes. 2011

       Dean Doron Ph.D. thesis: Randomness Extractors and Space Bounded Computation 2018

       Noam Parzanchevski

       Gonen Krak