Angela Enosh
Tel-Aviv University
, Israel

Schreiber building, room 18

Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

+972-3-6406114 (voice) 


I'm a Ph.D. student at the Computer Science School, in the area of Computational Geometry and Molecular Biology.

I have focused on the development of computational tools for biology means.

I am working under the supervision of Prof. Danny Halperin from Computer Science School and Nir Ben-Tal from Biochemistry Department.

We have recently developed a very helpful tool which predicts and ranks assignments of TM segments to helices in the alpha-bundle
            class protein.




Angela Enosh, Klara Kedem and Joel Bernstein. Determining similarity of conformational polymorphs. Proc. 10th European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA’02), 436–448, 2002.


Angela Enosh, Sarel J. Fleishman, Nir Ben-Tal and Dan Halperin.

Assigning transmembrane segments to helices in intermediate-resolution structures.

Journal Bioinformatics, 20(1):i122–i129, 2004.


Sarel J. Fleishman, Susan E. Harrington, Angela Enosh, Dan Halperin, Christopher G. Tate and Nir Ben-Tal. Quasi-symmetry in the Cryo-EM structure of EmrE provides the key to modeling its transmembrane domain. J. Mol. Biol., 364(1):54–67, 2006.


Angela Enosh, Sarel J. Fleishman, Nir Ben-Tal, Dan Halperin.

Prediction and simulation of motion in pairs of transmembrane alpha-helices.

Journal Bioinformatics, 23(2):e212–8, 2007.


Angela Enosh, Barak Raveh, Ora Furman-Schueler, Dan Halperin and Nir Ben-Tal. Generation, comparison and merging of pathways between protein conformations: Gating in K-channels. Biophysical J., 95:3850–3860, 2008.


Barak Raveh‡, Angela Enosh‡, Ora Furman-Schueler and Dan Halperin.

Rapid sampling of molecular motions with prior information constraints.

(‡These authors contributed equally to this work)


Barak Raveh, Angela Enosh and Dan Halperin.

Hybridization-Graphs for improving path quality in sampling-based motion planning.



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