Algorithms for Molecular Biology: Course Archive

Ron Shamir

This archive contains material of the course "Algorithms for Molecular Biology", taught by Ron Shamir (in Fall 94 and Fall 95 together with Dalit Naor , in Fall 98-99 and Fall 00-01 with Itsik Pe'er and in Fall 01-02 with Roded Sharan ), in the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University. This is a one-semester graduate course with one three-hour meeting each week.

Note: The  two lecture notes of '95 and '99 have only minor overlap. The '95 lecture notes are more theoretically oriented (more proofs, hardness results) and the '99 lecture notes are much more applied. The choice of topics is also quite different. The 99 and 01 sets are more overlapping (about 70%).

The main difference between the 01 and 02 sets is that gene expression analysis (which now has a separate whole course ) is given less coverage, and linkage analysis was added. For material covered in more than one set, the most recent version is recommended.

Course and Lecture Notes available:

Note: I am now giving an additional, new advanced course Analysis of Gene Expression Data, DNA Chips and Gene Networks

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