Logic and Formal Methods in Computer Science
Advanced Seminar


Place: Kaplun 319
Time: Wednesdays, 12:10 - 14:00

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
0. 5 November -- (Organizational get together)
1. 12 November Ofer Arieli (Open U.) Reasoning with Uncertainty by Non-Deterministic and Distance-Based Semantics
2. 19 November Dov Gabbay (King's College) Modal provability foundations for logical failure, with illustration in argumentation networks
3. 26 November Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft Research) Who needs proof theory?
4. 3 December Nachum Dershowitz (TAU) Commuting Termination
5. 10 December Wolfgang Reisig (Humboldt Univ.) Service Oriented Architectures: The new software paradigm
6. 17 December Ori Lahav (TAU) Single Conclusion Canonical Gentzen-Calculus: Semantics and Cut-Elimination
7. 24 December Liad Tal (TAU) Consistency strength of a normal precipitous filter
8. 31 December No meeting
9. 7 January Bob Constable (Cornell) A Constructive Proof of the Fischer-Lynch Paterson (FLP) Theorem in the Logic of Events
10. 14 January Dov Samet (TAU) The Sure-Thing Principle
11. 21 January Zurab Khasidashvili (Intel) Verifying Equivalence of Memories Using a First Order Logic Theorem Prover
12. 28 January Sergei Soloviev (IRIT, Toulouse) On Varieties of Symmetric Monoidal Closed Categories

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
1. 4 March Participants Individual Reports
2. 11 March Hilary Putnam (Harvard) Underdetermination of theories by evidence: An unexpected application of the Goedel Theorem
3. 18 March Udi Boker (Hebrew U.) Co-ing Buchi made tight
4. 25 March Kfir Bar (TAU) Translating and Exploiting Arabic Documents
5. 1 April Nachum Dershowitz (TAU) Constriction
6. 22 April Alex Rabinovich (TAU) On the complexity of temporal logics over linear time domains
7. 6 May Anatol Slissenko (U Paris 12) On Implementations of Instantaneous Actions Real-Time ASM by ASM with Delays
8. 13 May British-Israeli Verification Workshop
9. 20 May Daniel Lehmann (Hebrew U) Foundations of non-commutative probability theory
10. 27 May Dov Gabbay (Kings Col.) and Michael Abraham (Bar-Ilan U.) Talmudic Logic
11. 3 June Boaz (Boris) Trakhtenbrot (TAU) Theoretical Computer Science behind the Iron Curtain
12. 10 June Ori Lahav (TAU) Canonical Constructive Systems
13. 17 June Jonathan Berant (TAU) Text Understanding via Textual Entailment
14. 24 June Amir Pnueli (NYU and Weizmann) Synthesis of Programs from Temporal Property Specifications
15. 16 August Eyal Amir (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana) Probabilistic models with predicates and elements -- recent results

Previous years

Organizers: Arnon Avron, Nachum Dershowitz and Alexander Rabinovich