Logic and Formal Methods in Computer Science
Advanced Seminar


Place: Kaplun 319
Time: Wednesdays, 12:10 - 14:00

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
0. 25 October -- (Organizational get together)
1. 1 November Anna Zamansky Non-deterministic semantics for first-order Logics of Formal (In)consistency
2. 8 November Yoram Hirshfeld Fields and algebraic specification of abstract data types
3. 15 November Michael Kaminski (Technion) Invariance under stuttering in a temporal logic of actions
4. 22 November Beata Konikowska (Polish Acad. Sciences) Logics for Combining Information from Various Sources
5. 29 November Andrei Voronkov (Manchester) Inconsistencies in Ontologies
6. 6 December Aharon Abadi Typed Decidable First-Order Logics for Reasoning about Unbounded Resources
7. 13 December Arnon Avron Logical paradoxes in general and the heap paradox in particular
8. 20 December Iddo Tzameret Complexity of Propositional Proofs under a Promise
9. 27 December Moti Gitik (Math) New axioms for set theory
10. 3 January *** Strike ***
11. 10 January Dov Gabbay (Kings College) A probabilistic approach to multiple choice voting
12. 17 January Zurab Khasidashvili (Intel Haifa) Equivalence verification
13. 24 January Ingrid Velleine (Celebros) Structural Aspects of Natural or Human Language

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Organizers: N. Dershowitz and Alexander Rabinovich