Logic (in CS)
Advanced Seminar


Place: Kaplun 324

Time: Tuesdays, 12:10 - 14:00

Spring Semester 2005

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)

0. 22 February -- (Organizational get together)
1. 1 March Yoram Hirshfeld Some minor modifications in the Paris-Harrington Theorem
2. 8 March Nachum Dershowitz Two open problems in rewriting
3. 15 March
4. 22 March Arnon Avron Non-deterministic matrices and modular semantics of rules
5. 29 March Yaacov Choueka (BIU)
Modern Hebrew dictionary-making - methodology and challenges: The Rav-Milim dictionary
5. 5 April Anna Zamansky Nmatrices, canonical systems and quantification
6. 19 April Tal Lev-Ami Simulating reachability using first-order logic with applications to verification of linked data structures
7. 3 May Tova Milo Exchanging Active XML documents
8. 10 May Kfir Bar Machine translation
9. 17 May Boaz Trakhtenbrot A survey of, and some comments on, the book Alfred Tarski, Life and Logic
10. 24 May Jacques Sakarovitch (ENS Télécommunications) How expressions can code for automata
12. 31 May Alex Rabinovich On decidability of monadic logic of order over the naturals expanded by unary predicates

Fall Semester 2004

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
Special! 17 October at 10:10 Jeff Zucker (McMaster) Computation on topological data types
0. 21 October -- (Organizational get together)
1. 28 October Udi Boker A proof of the Church-Turing thesis
2. 4 November Danièle Beauquier (Paris 12) Secrecy for cryptographic protocols is easy
3. 11 November Beata Konikowska (Polish Acad. of Science) Decompositional proof systems for logics based on non-deterministic matrices
4. 18 November Arnon Avron and Anna Zamansky
Theory and applications of two-valued nondeterministic matrices
5. 25 November Mayer Goldberg (Ben Gurion) One point bases in lambda-calculi with constants
6. 2 December Iddo Tzameret Propositional and algebraic proof complexity
7. 9 December Guy Gildor Fuzzy class theory
8. 16 December Iddo Tzameret Propositional and algebraic proof complexity (part II)
9. 23 December Greta Yorsh A combination method for generating interpolants
10. 30 December Michael Benedikt (Bell Labs) Some decision problems on tree automata
11. 6 January Eyal Amir (UIUC) Compact propositional encoding of first-order theories
12. 13 January ** in Melamud Hall ** Hilary Putnam (Harvard) Goedel, the mind, and epistemology
13. 20 January Janos Makowsky (Technion)
What did Tarski mean with "Elementary geometry is decidable"?

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Organizer: N. Dershowitz