Logic and Formal Methods in Computer Science
Advanced Seminar


Place: Schreiber 209
Time: Wednesdays, 12:10 - 14:00

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Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
0. 16 February Jamie M. Gabbay (Heriot-Watt) Nominal techniques, 2006-2011
1. 23 February Dov Gabbay (King's College) Equational Approach to Argumentation Networks
2. 2 March Dov Samet (TAU) Interim agreements: Zeno, Parkinson, and Nash
3. 9 March Alex Zhicharevich (TAU) Extracting text from Cairo Genizah manuscripts
4. 16 March Kfir Bar (TAU) Using Verb Paraphrases for Arabic-to-English Example-Based Translation
5. 23 March Jenny Falkovich (TAU) Formalization and Proof of the "Extended Church-Turing Thesis"
6. 30 March Yishai Feldman (IBM Haifa) Dynamic Logic Reloaded: A Personal Documentary
7. 6 April Arnon Avron (TAU) What is an ideal paraconsistent logic, and what is an ideal relevance logic
8. 13 April Peleg Michaeli (TAU) The Logic of Random Graphs (slides)
9. 27 April Yoni Zohar (TAU) Haim Gaifman on Vagueness, Tolerance and Contextual Logic
10. 4 May Jamboree What is logic?
11. 11 May Peter Pepper (TU Berlin) Beyond Modelica: Issues in Continuous-Modeling Languages
12. 18 May Roni Katzir (TAU) On Logical Operators in Natural Language
13. 25 May Sacha Rubin An Introduction to Automatic Structures
14. 1 June Noam Neer (TAU) Towards a human-style theorem prover for inequalities
Bob Constable (Cornell) The Nature of Logic and its Logics

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract)
0. 20 October Everyone Past, Present, Future
1. 27 October Arnon Avron (TAU) Truth Degrees and Relevance
2. 3 November Yaron Welner (TAU) Church Synthesis Problem for Noisy Input
3. 10 November Dov Gabbay (King's College) Contrary to Time Conditional in Talmudic Logic
4. 17 November Orna Kupferman (Hebrew U) Coping with selfish on-going behaviors
5. 24 November Beata Konikowska (Polish Academy) Handling information from reasonable sources
6. 1 December Dafna Shahaf (CMU) Connecting the Dots Between News Articles
7. 8 December Alex Rabinovich (TAU) Decidable Expansions of Labelled Linear Orderings
8. 15 December Ori Lahav (TAU) A Multiple-Conclusion Calculus for First-Order Gödel Logic
9. 22 December in 309 Schreiber Oded Maler (IMAG Grenoble) Amir Pnueli and the Dawn of Hybrid Systems
10. 29 December Iddo Tzameret (Tsinghua) Average-case separation in proof complexity: Short propositional refutations for random 3CNF formulas
11. 5 January Bob Constable (Cornell) The Role of Type Theory: Principia Mathematica's Impact on Computer Science
12. 12 January Shahar Lev (TAU) Safety Signature for Geometric Constructions
13. 19 January in 211 Dan David Hilary Putnam (Harvard) The Curious Story of Quantum Logic

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Organizers: Arnon Avron, Nachum Dershowitz and Alexander Rabinovich