Workshop in Reinforcement Learning




Prof. Yishay Mansour


Monday  14:00-16:00








Mariano Schain






Workshop project:

  1. The project will be done in groups of 2-3 students.
  2. Each group will implement a learning algorithm for a board game.
  3. The background material needed would be covered during the lectures.
  4. Requirements document



Suggested Projects

More Challenging Projects



Workshop Outline

Week 1: Min Max Trees

Week 2: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning: Model and Planning.

Week 3: Reinforcement learning: Learning (small state space)

Week 4: Reinforcement learning: Learning (large state space)


Teams and Games


GUI: slides and sample code

Slides: Simple Graphics (GUI)


Basic Tic Toe implemented in C++.

Basic Tic Toe implemented in Java.



Bibliography [for background]

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