Class in Introduction to Cryptography-

Amos Fiat (
2nd Semester 2007, Wednesday 16:00 - 19:00.
School of Computer Sciences
Tel-Aviv University

Following the Strike:

Please look at the book by Bellare and Goldwasser.

Take Home Exam

In preparation for the exam, please look at the following papers:

Every pariticapant will get up to 4 questions on the day of the exam, not necessarily identical questions. The answer of any of these 4 questions is not to exceed one page in readable printed font, 12pt.

Question number 1, which may or may not contribute to the final grade, is as follows:

What are the interconnections between the various papers above? What date/conference did this paper first appear and where? Who cites what? (Search the net). Define and determine primitives used in multiple papers. How do they interelate? 2 page answer, max.