Data Mining

Amos Fiat (
1st Semester, 2005/2006 - Tuesday 1500-1800
School of Computer Science,
Tel-Aviv University

Relevant Papers/Courses:

John Kleinberg: The Structure of Information Networks Computer Science (Class at Cornell)

Rajeev Motwani: Advanced Algorithms for Internet Applications (Class at Stanford)

Yishay Mansour: Machine Learning: Foundations (Class at Tel Aviv)

Moses Charikar: Algorithms for Massive Data Sets (Class at Princeton)

Avrim Blum: Machine learning theory (Class at CMU)

Manoel Mendonca, Nancy L. Sunderhaft: Mining Software Engineering Data: A Survey (Report)

Computing the Support Vector Machines in Maple, see examples of using the Lagrange Multiplier Method in Maplesoft.