Selected Publications

Alfred Inselberg


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        Cochlear Dynamics: Evolution of a Mathematical Model, SIAM Review 20(1978), 301-351.

        N-Dimensional Coordinates, IEEE Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence (PAMI), "Picture Data Description & Management", Asilomar, California, 1980, 136 -- 1st International Conference where Parallel Coordinates were presented .

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        Multidimensional Visualization and it's Applications, Publication for Tutorial SIGGRAPH 2002, ACM Press, New York

        Visualizing Learning and Concept Formation, Invited Paper, Kybernetes Journal, Special Issue Honoring H. Von Foerster, 2004

        Parallel Coordinates : VISUAL Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications, Textbook 554 pages, Color, Springer, New York , 2009 NEW



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