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The TAU-Crypto-Security-Announce mailing list is dedicated to announcements of interest to the cryptography / information security community in Tel Aviv University. This includes local events, reading group, major non-local events, scholarship opportunities, etc.

Joining/viewing: The mailing list is hosted as a "Google group". You can join the TAU-Crypto-Security-Announce mailing list or view its archives.

Posting: After joining the mailing list, you can post using the web interface or by sending an email to tau-crypto-security-announce@googlegroups.com. Posting is open to subscribers; posts by non-subscribers will be sent to manual approval. There are dozens of subscribers, so please post only pertinent announcements and avoid large attachments.

Calendar: The corresponding calendar is "TAU Crypto Security". Notifications for events in this calendar are automatically sent to the list 6 days before the event, and again 1 day before. To add an event if you do not have calender editing privileges, contact Galit Herzberg (). The calendar's current content is as follows:

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