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## Technical tidbits * [pages2pdf](pages2pdf): a shell script for converting a bunch of images (say, scanned pages or transparencies), given in any common format, into a single PDF file. Includees the option of reducing resolution and presenting multiple images per page. See also [slides2pdf](slides2pdf), an older and somewhat inferior version (which produced these outputs: [[1]](SKC2004/sasas.pdf) [[2]](SKC2004/des16.pdf) [[3]](SKC2004/permplan.pdf) [[4]](PKC2003/leak-a-secret.pdf) [[5]](PKC2003/online-offline.pdf)). * [Forcing OpenSSH to use a hard-coded password](misc/openssh-hardcoded-password.patch) * Installing [Mathematica fonts in Exceed](exceed-math) * [LyX FAQ](lyx-wisdom) * [rexecsync]( a shell script for saving the output of an arbitrary command on a remote computer into a local file, such that on repeated invocations only differences are transferred (requires [librsync]( * [Java Instrumentation Engine](jie/) — a flexible Java sourcecode instrumentation program (unmaintained).