MYO3A Interacting Proteins in the Auditory System (spike00023)

Data mass spectrometry analysis was combined into HearSpike. While most of the inserted interacting proteins are new in the inner ear, some of them are known to interact in other pathways of the auditory system. Espin, which is known to interact with myosin XVa, connects myosin IIIa to the myosin VIIa protein complex. Fus, which is confirmed to interact with myosin VI, connects myosin IIIa to the BCL2 protein network in the inner ear and dynactin involves myosin IIIa through the caspases protein pathway to the BCL2 protein network. The HEarSpike localizes myosin IIIa in the center of protein-protein interactions that suggesting possible participation of the myo3a protein in stereocilia organization and normal function of its associated mechanoelectrical transduction machinery.
spike00023.xml spike00023.owl spike00023.sbml

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