SPIKE gratefully acknowledges the use of data from the following sources:

SPIKE is funded with a grant from:

A-T Children's Project
SPIKE is also supported by:

The wolfson foundation
The APO-SYS project within the 7th framework of the European Union
Converging Technologies grant from the Israel Science Foundation
Seventh Framework Program of the European Community
SPIKE is developed jointly at the laboratories of Prof. Ron Shamir (School of Computer Sciences) and Prof. Yossi Shiloh (School of Medicine) in Tel Aviv University.

The People Behind SPIKE:

Eyal David
Arnon paz
Dorit Sagir
Jackie Assa
Igor Ulitsky
Ran Elkon
Prof. Ron Shamir
Prof. Yossi Shiloh

Past Participants:

Mali Weisz
Nir Orlev
Giora Sternberg
Ran Blekhman
Anna Pavtulov
Nira Amit
Rita Vesterman
Idan Zohar


Questions? Please e-mail us at spike@post.tau.ac.il.