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      Nir Shavit

          Room 220 Schriber Building

Computer Science Department

Tel-Aviv University

Ramat Aviv, 69978 ISRAEL

In my user id is typically shanir


My main interests are techniques for designing, implementing, and reasoning about multiprocessors, in particular concurrent data structures for multicore machines, and the mathematical foundations of the shared memory computation model that governs their behavior. 

I am a past program chair of the ACM PODC and ACM SPAA conferences, and am an active member of the DISC and OPODIS communities.

Gödel Prize  Celebration Lecture, DISC2004. October 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

“Transactional Locking”  Invited Lecture, TV06, August 2006, Seattle, Washington.

“Software Transactional Memory”  Keynote Lecture, IPDPS09, May 2009, Rome, Italy.

“Software Transactional Memory”  Keynote Lecture, DISC09, September 2009, Elche, Spain.

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Special summer course on Multicore Programming at MIT

Short List of Publications

2014-15:  Techniques for Multicore Programming (Graduate Research Seminar with Yehuda Afek and Rotem Oshman)

Fall Semester 2015:  Concurrent Data Structures Seminar

Spring Semester 2015:  Operating Systems

My new multicore programming textbook "The Art of Multiprocessor Programming ."

(selected for Intel Corporation’s Recommended Reading List)

If you wish to teach a class based on the book teaching materials (a complete set of Slides, all code and Homework Assignments can be found in the book’s Companion web page and in this year’s Multicore Programming web page). There are several Suggested Ways to use the book for teaching a multicore programming course. There is also an Art of Multiprocessor Programming Google Group for interested readers. Interested in Multicore programming education, see Workshop on Multicore Programming Education.

Materials: Papers on concurrent data structures, Book chapter on concurrent data structures, Papers on multicore programming, My Mathematical Genealogy