Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - 0368.3151.01

Eytan Ruppin ( ) 
2st Semester, 1998/99 - Monday 14-17 
School of Mathematical Sciences, 
Tel-Aviv University

Text book:

Artificial Intelligence: A modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall, 1995 (seven copies of this book will be available in the library of exact sciences).

Course syllabus:

After a brief introduction, the course will be composed of three main parts:
1. Problem-solving: searching methods, informed search, heuristic functions, min-max algorithm, alpha-beta pruning, game playing.
2. Reasoning with uncertainty: Bayesian deduction, belief networks, expert systems, fuzzy logic, utility theory, dominance, decision networks, sequential decision problems, value iteration, policy iteration, dynamic decision networks.
3. Learning: inductive learning, decision trees, learning logical descriptions, computational learning theory, neural networks, perceptrons, multi-layered networks, learning in belief networks, reinforcement learning, temporal difference learning, genetic algorithms and evolutionary computing, knowledge in learning.
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