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What is your top 2011 MSB paper?

Below is a list of the top 10 most read research articles published in Molecular Systems Biology in 2011, based on combined HTML and PDF access.  The work by Saeidi et al, in particular, received widespread media coverage for making a practical first-step toward fighting infections with engineered microbes (e.g. at Science NOW, Ed Yong’s blog at Discover Magazine, Nature, and TheScientist).

What is your personal top article of 2011?  Please post your comments below.



Engineering microbes to sense and eradicate Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a human pathogen
Nazanin Saeidi, Choon Kit Wong, Tat-Ming Lo, Hung Xuan Nguyen, Hua Ling, Susanna Su Jan Leong, Chueh Loo Poh & Matthew Wook Chang



Predicting selective drug targets in cancer through metabolic networks
Ori Folger, Livnat Jerby, Christian Frezza, Eyal Gottlieb, Eytan Ruppin & Tomer Shlomi



Characterizing the role of miRNAs within gene regulatory networks using integrative genomics techniques
Wan-Lin Su, Robert R Kleinhanz & Eric E Schadt



RNA sequencing reveals two major classes of gene expression levels in metazoan cells
Daniel Hebenstreit, Miaoqing Fang, Muxin Gu, Varodom Charoensawan, Alexander van Oudenaarden & Sarah A Teichmann



The essential genome of a bacterium
Beat Christen, Eduardo Abeliuk, John M Collier, Virginia S Kalogeraki, Ben Passarelli, John A Coller, Michael J Fero, Harley H McAdams & Lucy Shapiro



Dynamic transcriptome analysis measures rates of mRNA synthesis and decay in yeast
Christian Miller, Björn Schwalb, Kerstin Maier, Daniel Schulz, Sebastian Dümcke, Benedikt Zacher, Andreas Mayer, Jasmin Sydow, Lisa Marcinowski, Lars Dölken, Dietmar E Martin, Achim Tresch, Patrick Cramer



The quantitative proteome of a human cell line
Martin Beck, Alexander Schmidt, Johan Malmstroem, Manfred Claassen, Alessandro Ori, Anna Szymborska, Franz Herzog, Oliver Rinner, Jan Ellenberg & Ruedi Aebersold
(see also Nagaraj et al)



Network modeling of the transcriptional effects of copy number aberrations in glioblastoma
Rebecka Jörnsten, Tobias Abenius, Teresia Kling, Linnéa Schmidt, Erik Johansson, Torbjörn E M Nordling, Bodil Nordlander, Chris Sander, Peter Gennemark, Keiko Funa, Björn Nilsson, Linda Lindahl & Sven Nelander



Proteomic snapshot of the EGF-induced ubiquitin network
Elisabetta Argenzio, Tanja Bange, Barbara Oldrini, Fabrizio Bianchi, Raghunath Peesari, Sara Mari, Pier Paolo Di Fiore, Matthias Mann & Simona Polo



Proteome-wide systems analysis of a cellulosic biofuel-producing microbe.
Andrew C Tolonen, Wilhelm Haas, Amanda C Chilaka, John Aach, Steven P Gygi & George M Church


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