Tel Aviv University School of Computer Science

Spring 2005
Analysis of DNA Chips and Gene Networks


Ron Shamir

Thursdays 16-19 Schreiber 006

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Instructor:  Ron Shamir  rshamir  640-5383 Schreiber 014 By appointment 
TA:  Irit Gat-Viks iritg  640-5394 Schreiber 011 By appointment 

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Lecture notes:

  • A complete set of lecture notes are avalilable for the 2002 and 2004 courses.
  • Revised lecture notes will gradually appear in this website.

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    Course Material and Handouts

  • Course requirements
  • Bibliography: textbooks, background and more.
  • Scribe instructions
  • "Clustering Gene Expression Patterns", by A. Ben-Dor, R. Shamir, Z. Yakhini (The article describing the PCC model and analysis).
  • Slides of Rani Elkon's lecture: Low Level Analysis
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